Friday, May 20, 2005

The Tokyo branch office has very kind people and they make the effort to go out to lunch together. one thing is cos the office has very few people, so the bonds are more close-knit. they are quite funny, always making silly jokes and trying to include me in the conversation. strangely, it is in tokyo that i got to know some of the colleagues from osaka, cos they are here for one-day business trips and they come along to lunch with us too while in osaka, normally it would be totally different cliques and we would never have spoken to each other.

one fav conversation topic they like to tok to me about is they can speak mandarin. cos they're supposed to learn another language in Uni, so some of them took Mandarin. and they try to say Ni hao, and their names. luckily, i'm tactful enuff to try my bestest in understanding them.

but life is very expensive here. there's no canteen, and only restaurants (its Shinjuku) and everyday have to spend nearly $20 on lunch. !! luckily i dun have to pay for the hotel as well. but its quite a killer just to be here on a week's trip. have already spent more than $150. on my own money (food and stuff)

even though the office is right next to the tokyo met building, i havent had the chance to run over and take a look at the view from the 45th flr. maybe today.. everyone will be out for lunch meetings. hehe..

prolly will buy my optical mouse and ipod (mini or photo??? help me choose!) today.. i have yet to find a place that sells it for less than 27,800 yen / 38,800 Yen (respectively for mini 6GB and photo 30GB) and the best is already yodobashi for offering 5% pointback. so in actual fact, its 26,410Yen/ 36,869Yen. which one which one? scouted the whole of Akihabara yesterday but its different le. no adult video store anymore. all taken over by a big chain store. irritating.

ooh and we witnessed a fight. it was quite scary. i dunno why no one was helping the store assistant. a fren was helping the drunk guy though. we were going to cross then we realise they seemed to be edging towards us in their arms locked position. yikes. it was really dangerous. rolling about on the ground and all. help! we waited awhile, before scurrying over. in fear. man.....


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