Wednesday, May 25, 2005

today was not 暇 (hima) , means i wan't slacking around today so i didn't have time to blog until now. finally a chance to go out for dinner, after weeks of cooking my own food with not much variety its a relief. I think I'm too much of a perfectionist when it comes to little things. like the colour of the bars in the schedule, the size of the font etc. waste time, i know, but I just want things to be perfect! ..

some Capcom fans actually showed up today and asked for a tour of the building. they were from italy, and they were actually living in Tokyo but came for a day trip on the shinkanSen just to see osaka and Capcom. WOW. but then, they didn't like ask for authorised permission b4hand so they were only showed around the 2nd flr, where it was public area. they seemed happy about it though. and becos i could speak english better, they left me to entertain them while they went back to work. (the jap colleagues). yikes. but then, i haven't been to the 2nd flr too so i guess it's an eye opener. :)

just one more month to the next pay, i hope things don't get screwed up again.

does anyone use sonicstage? i'm having some problems with it, would appreciate if anyone who had any problems with it b4 shared it with me (problem and solution. ) I'll reveal the problem and why i use this lousy program when someone can actually help me solve the problem first. :S


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