Tuesday, May 24, 2005

just a short little unflirtatious chat about work in the hallway made me deliriously happy. i wonder why.

will i always be a cute little girl at heart? am I even a cute little girl at heart? people who know me find me cute.. i dun act cute and those who know me will definitely agree. in fact, i am quite clumsy, sometimes chor lor, abit tom boy, dun realli have much poise or elegance. so how (why?) am i cute?

have been wondering about that for years. even now, last week actually, was at lunch with a colleague from another dept in Tokyo.. they saw how i saved my favourite food for last and they were so amused they kept saying i was "kawaii!!".. when i was a little clumsy and turned left instead of right and almost bumped into someone, they said I was "kawaii!!" again. why is that kawaii? is that endearing? i hope so.. though i just think of myself as being somewhat clumsy.

I think I don't post up enough photos. but there's just so much stuff to upload and stupid Hello can only post up 1 pic as a post each time. does anyone noe how to avert that problem other than manual editing?

I'm actually able to take my UOL grad degree in osaka. I think I'll take it up.. :)


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