Thursday, May 26, 2005

finally the end of a work day. and tomorrow is friday! the days are flying by. almost 6 months here le. 1/3 of the training is over!! ARGH!

have mailed my acceptance of the UOL degree, borrowed a credit card to pay for the fees since its easier to pay directly here the amount incurred than going to the bank to buy a bank draft. I'm fed up with sonicstage. decided to just return the player for another brand. stupid s0ny. STUPID S0NY. and to think I'm such a loyal supporter. using a Vaio and yet the dumb program keeps coming up with error msgs. forget it, i'm getting back ipod or creative. just plug and play... confirm works.

have to finish up and go exchange the player le. paid off all my bills for the month le. yay.. and my legs dun hurt anymore, time to go tone up at the sports club again.. maybe i'll go swimming or suana later. hahahaa.. shiok...


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