Tuesday, May 31, 2005

finally have made a proper break.

we've drifted apart. thats all. why try to hold back things that dun feel for you anymore? even b4 i left, we've drifted apart. he just didn't notice. being so busy with work and all. I was leading a life of a single girl despite having a bf. yes, all your free time was spent with me. but thats only how many hours a week?

yes, there is people after me. i only allowed them near when u suggested the break up. you have your friends and family there. pls dont tell me u miss me and need me around when that is an impossible thing. I have only the few pple here. yet u call me to tell me you are depressed. am i supposed to have the mental strength to cheer u up when i am alone by myself and you tell me these things?

Please recover ur ambitions and confidence which was wat attracted me to you in the first place. they are what's missing in you now and w/o these, i just get irritated by you whining and pleading each day. real men don't do that right?


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