Sunday, June 05, 2005

okie.. a line by line account bout today..
think i'll write like hawx.. but i actually preferred it when he wrote stories. dun like to read point form accounts of days..

- woke up at 11am
- went to find hs and rang his door bell a zillion times but no one answered
- repeat above at 12pm
- cooked lunch (vege and rice) and ate while watching enemy at the gates
- went down again at 1pm to ring door bell but no effect
- finished enemy at the gates and started on butterfly effect at 2pm
- realised hs went out le and was pretty furious at his inability to even reply a msg saying where he was
- went to konami to find him but he wasnt there
- came back and watched some more butterfly effect and decided to take a bath to get ready for dinner
- spent the next hour slowly putting on makeup and trying the new clinique mascara
- it was difficult to get my lashes in order
- tot would be going for a nice dinner so tried to look nice
- had a good dinner of mixed pot (like steamboat) near the ryo
- re-watched my sassy girl and realised there was alot i had missed when i watched b4
- finished watching butterfly effect, it was great
- cut the choc cake i bought at Hankyu.. a day late and i think considered expired le but it was delicious (eat first consequences next day then see how)
- went to return the dvds at 11.45pm and rented windstruck
- fell asleep at 2am

today (sundaY)
- can't remember wat time i woke up
- cooked pasta for lunch (quite delicious)
- borrowed vacuum cleaner from grace but i was watching windstruck so waited for movie to end b4 beginning to use it
- the movie was so sad
- teared a few times.. but the ending was hilarious. lucky i watched sassy girl to understand the twist.
- then grace came back in the middle of the show to take back the vacuum cleaner.
- when i wanted to borrow again, she went out le. duhz.
- in the end took the downstairs one to use.. i think the floor looks cleaner after that anyway..
- after that... cleaned up my room abit more and got ready for dinner..
- went to eat korean food (mix of yakiniku and authentic korea dishes)
- name of shop : tama-ichi玉一at minami morimachi 南森町
- will go again to eat the dishes with soup
- watched a show on metrosexuals on tv (ugly pple trying to spend alot of money looking gd were interviewed)
- applied online for JALvisa card cos thinking of taking plane to tokyo for business trips instead (costs the same as shinkansen and 1 hour less)
- going to sleep at 12.30am.. (i think)

yupz.. the end of my point form account.. veri sianz hor>? like abit no feelings liddat.. but the weekend has been fun.. now have to start planning for tokyo weekend in a few weeks.. maybe disneyland then go insect museum etc. muahahah... transport paid for.. muahahaha..


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