Monday, June 06, 2005

went all the way to the airport but today was a little late so ended up him waiting for me. :) i love the show love actually, it really is right, people there to fetch u makes all the difference in the world as compared to u having to take cab from the airport urself after a long flight. :)

had a nice day where i didnt dread work. basically i had nothing to do at work. the boss is perpetually at business trips.. so i had to find my own things to do.. like study accting in jap.. arrange namecards and key them into excel.. secretarial work.. etc. u get the picture.

haiz. i miss home. and all the food. actually started crying while i tot bout my mom's cooking and curry fish head. i even salivated while thinking bout the taste of the jurong west curry fish head. haiz.

asked him to give me some constructive work to work my brains and he refused. i dunno why. if i was there to learn how to be a translator, i might as well just aim at brushing up my jap. :(


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