Thursday, June 09, 2005

finally i have received the yahoo bb thingey. and luckily my comp can detect the damn thing. i was ready to throw my laptop out the window liaoz.. luckily i didnt.

today was very depressing. time of the month. felt betrayed by a colleague. its not my fault i have no work to do, its you guys that didnt plan this program properly. am i supposed to know wat i am supposed to learn>?

i can't stand it that someone has to die or wat then i can be allowed leave. its not like u have much for me to do rite? wat u have for me to do u urself am not sure of. am i supposed to know wat u have in mind?

felt betrayed by a jerk today. apparently i am nothing in his eyes. had no apetite for anything and barely ate. on the other hand, i can detect someone falling in like with me from the other building. he stares at me when he sees me (very obviously) and he lives in the dorm too. strange thing is I've only seen him in the dorm once accidentally, only after I've got to know of him, but never again after that. only walks past him at lunch thats all. but he looks like a bochup beng-ish type of person. but i dun hav frens liddat.. and heard that he got a bad work rep, lazy and stuff. oh well. it would be nice to have more frens here though :(


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