Monday, June 13, 2005

horrid day to find my hard work down the drain. of cos if u edit it for perfect japanese, i can't give u that. becos I am not a japanese!! i been learning the language for only 5 months, its pretty gd i can translate a 12 page document into something thats coherent even le. wat the hell?! haiz. i give up.. can never please anyone here. either I'm dressed too casual (which is not true, i at least try to wear office wear and have never wore 3-quarters to work!!) or my work attitude is bad (i fell asleep at a meeting once and at work. and charging my ipod at the table is not allowed apparently) and having my work already been edited by a jap le, it was of cos a bigger blow to see the mistakes. haiz. they hate me i noe it.


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