Sunday, June 12, 2005

wow i just finished translating the damn document. it took me the whole day. and wat i would like to say is that i have only finished the main parts of it. i still haven't done the Table.. the editing .. the revising. ARGH> and i so wan to go out tomorrow.!!!! my whole weekend has been wasted. couldnt go out for dinner with the rest of the singaporeans becos i was stuck in my room doing this.. ate dinner at 12midnite at mos burger cos that was the only place open then.. came back and continued this damn job until now. work being edited now.. haiz.

cooked laksa for lunch today.. it was great.. hawx.. can send me more laksa mix? thanks.. it was delicious.... tasted like the real thing. thanks thanks.. can still see the soup (cos i had no time to wash the dishes yet.. argh)

the anime'S episode 3 has dropped even lower in standards. inc*st is being shown.. with 4 women having an orgy.. 2 are barely sec kids and stepsisters. .... although i wonder if there are women that are really that horny they do that? (besides le*ians of cos..)


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