Friday, June 17, 2005

had dinner at a fusion asian restaurant today. one thing i must say bout jap restaurants.. the food might be ex ( of cos) but the ambience is great.. they take pains to make the restaruant veri cosy.. and of cos they have wine and all.. dim lighting but not sleazy.. the food was creative too.. yum.. never ate sotong with garlic butter sauce before. although again he was late. haiz. i was going to go back in a fit of anger but i just can't stay mad for long. argh..

have tried to learn some form of the Korean alphabet. its actualli not too difficult.. and quite interesting the way they form sounds.. must work harder.. had some dumb assignment at work today. was supposed to check out an industry rumour (duh) and of cos if it wasn't a released news yet, where do i find it?! ... dumb and time consuming.


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