Sunday, June 19, 2005

spent a day with the girls today. rarely, the 8 of met up for lunch. caught up with each other.. it was quite fun.. I'm glad i joined them today..

after lunch.. the girls and guys split up.. girls went for a coffee session at douter doughnut.. where it was so filled with smoke it made me feel like joining the smokers or choke to death.. :S then after that.. we went to see the sales at Hankyu dept store. crazy situation.. SO CROWDED!! but then.. even with like half off.. things were still too ex.. the 50% off clothes were still at least S$100+ for a simple t-shirt. !!! how do they survive i have no idea.. we walked around a little amidst the throngs of pple buying umbrellas (prolly the cheapest thing there) and we left. gave us a headache just looking at these pple.

he didnt even msg me today. I'm pretty disgusted.


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