Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i saw xi*x*e this morning.

whAT!? in OSAKA?!

or so i thought.

it was a clone of her. heheheh.. well.. almost similar.. exact same face (same features i swear!), short hair though, same hair colour, chubby cheeks, thick makeup despite the sweltering heat, not very tall, thick arms and thighs which showed from a mini skirt.. i was almost ready to call out to her when i realised she would never have cut her waist length hair and this girl looked slightly worse. more piggy i would say.. but nevertheless, enough to be almost a clone.

this gives rise to this theory i believe in, that there is at least one other person in this world who looks exactly like you. there has to be someone with the exact external features as you given the limited genes/DNA that's mixing around. at least one in a trillion. i have seen many people who look like my friends in singapore, in Japan which has much more people than our little island, where there are higher possibilities of hitting upon that exact gene sequence that your friends consist of. seriously, I'm sure there have been some instances in your life you have seen someone who looks almost exactly like someone you know but because of some tiny detail u suddenly see that made you stop short of calling out to that person just one second before you make a fool of yourself.

I wonder if anyone has researched upon this theory yet? I would love to find out more about this.

last night i kena bad mood from one of the singaporean girls for nothing again. i was just keeping quiet, going back with her like we agreed and then she suddenly showed a black face and said we been lying to her etc. WTH?! Enough is enough. I've been letting you step all over me and tolerating your moods, your sudden bouts of anger, your bad words and your silent treatments for like half a year. All because you are oversuspicious of people, you are intolerant of others, and you judge people too much according to your own standards. too proud to apologise when you're wrong, and if people are doing you favours, they have to do it YOUR way. what kind of friend are you?


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