Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Had sushi for dinner last night. Super fresh fish and prawns. Of course, Ryo paid. I had some drink called lychee sour and because I finished the drink in like 3 seconds at the end of the dinner I was pretty tipsy. Ryo was saying from now on he’ll make me drink at every dinner. Wasn’t like me but I just kept laughing and laughing last night and saying everything was romantic, even walking back in pretty heavy rain under a not very big umbrella. So if it means I don’t pick any fights with him when I’m tipsy and seem really happy at everything, he said it was worth it to make me drink at every dinner. (-.-!)

Looking forward to next week. Not to the part that my boss comes back from his trip to UK and US cos it means that I have nothing to submit to him. ARGH. Just have to get past those 2 days and everything will be great. Finally another long weekend is coming… have a meeting tonight from 6-8pm. Stupid Europe timings. Am so hungry now. I now totally detest eating soba after eating it for days on end at the canteen. Yuck.


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