Sunday, July 24, 2005

spent a good sat with weiyi, peiling and tze wei. actually i woke up at 1pm, so not much sat to spend hehe.. anyway.. we went for dessert but the restaurant pretty much sucked. after that went shopping and we saw so many girls in Yukata.. prolly going to get a set and wear it when we go see fireworks soon. yay...

went to the 海遊館(aquarium) today. it was fantastic. at first it was just like underwater world but after we went in, it was tons better. its 8 storeys tall.. and there were all sorts of things in there.. penguins, dolphins, otters, sharks, jellyfish.. a very cool place but i kept thinking of sushi while i was there.. haha.. and after that rode the ferris wheel. one of the largest in the world i think..and i saw the Cirque du Soleil tentage for the September performance. COOL! probably will be going .. but anyway it was a good day .. ooh and i picked up like 10,000 yen on the train !! hahahaha..


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