Sunday, July 31, 2005

too lazy during the weekend.. its when u're at work and trying to pass time that you would post diligently every few hours because blogging is the most interesting thing to do when u're not supposed to do it.

friday.. mm had french dinner with Ryo.. it was moderately expensive i guess, his line is drawn at 3000 yen per person, depending on the cuisine. it was good atmosphere at first, until they began blasting music (in the restaurant), so loudly we couldn't hear each other speak. i got so irritated i asked Ryo to ask the waitress to turn it down. they did turn it down for like 10 min? and then the music blasted on again. wth! in the end i just thought that i wouldn't go back again. food was only so-so anyway, not incredible.

throughout dinner, we were discussing the possibility of renting a place together cos it was too difficult for him to come in and out. everyday is like a war game to tell the truth. i would be looking out if there were other staff, if not then a quick signal to him and he would dash out. haiz. but then, it japan, u have to pay like a 3k non-refundable deposit to rent any place, and its not like it is deductable for rent or anything at all. i guess the housing rental business is very profitable. here. anyway, just discussing, the main issues was where would he park his car(now that he has been paying fines too many times parking illegally near the dorm) and whether this whole thing is feasible. mm, so another thing to do is to check for housing too i guess..

saturday.. yesterday i bought a yukata set (finally!) it was so cool.. cos i looked very cute haha.. i tried the dark colours at first and it was just so not me. i guess dark colours are for more mature ladies.. in the end i tried a light pink one and i actually looked better suddenly. yay! it was a little ex, but not more expensive than japanese normal clothing so i guess it was ok.. there was actually a sale going on, hence i was able to buy it cheaper than usual.. after that went to Yodobashi and bought the newest game in the Fatal Frame series, if translated, i guess this title would read "The Voice of the Tattoo". haha.. sounds crude.. anyway.. it looks really scary.

Ryo got influenced to buy a Canon Ixy (ixus in singapore) too! wahaha. he wanted to buy a digicam and we looked around and this has dropped to a reasonable price (5MP) so he bought it. i looked around for him, cos he didn't really know which to choose, the Sonys and Panasonics were tempting but they didn't have any viewfinders.. which we all know how impt it is when battery is low and u wanna take a few more shots. hehe.. so now we hold the same phone and camera! wahaha..

baseball game tonight.. yay! But think I'm coming down with a sore throat... argh..


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