Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've decided to post up some pictures of the aquarium trip from last sunday.. all the fish looked really delicious hehe..

outside the aquarium they were promoting a penguin movie.. so there was this:
ice sculpture of a emperor penguin.. it was melting rapidly due to the heat..

pretty similar to a real one i would say..
this silly penguin was posing for the cameras..

then we bought tix to go in..

aquarium tix and ferris wheel tix

and we saw the biggest stingray in our lives (both of ours) and we began studying the undersides of all the specimens there..

the stingray specimen'S underside

the turtle's underside

the spider crab'S underside

and finally the most interesting specimen:
the human specimen's under(back)side.. (the girl on the left, look at those teeny weeny shorts!!)


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