Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I did not have a good night.

Yesterday was a good day, up to the point where he called (actually I called since he can never or that he didn’t bother to remember my yahoo bb phone number). He had the audacity to say it was my fault for wanting so much of his time that forced him to lie and I was thinking this was the lamest excuse I had ever heard. And I couldn’t hear him clearly and asked him to repeat himself on the phone and he actually mimicked my words in a mocking tone. Asshole. I don’t even do that.

Men are all liars. ALL. Their handphones will tell you if they ever lied to you. Don’t hesitate to check when you can. Secret meetings, complaining to other girls bout you, all sorts of secrets will surface if you look into his handphone. If he guards his handphone with his life, you will know he definitely is hiding something. You give him his “privacy”, he chooses to abuse it. Don’t ever let your guard down and trust him too much.


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