Thursday, August 04, 2005

ok its finally thursday.


it probably isn't good that i'm counting down the days to the weekend. but peiling is right, once u lose your respect for someone, its hard to respect that person again. that includes friends, family, even superiors or colleagues. I might be young but i don't wish to waste my time doing nothing. this society is really the pits. they want you to spend long hours at the office yet they don't give you work but yet expect you to stay just cos everyone else is staying (becos they can't finish their work). they have no end goal in mind for me, they only know what skills i should have but i have to pick them up on my own time (and do nothing during office hours) .. what kind of training programme is this? but then i'd rather be in here getting money for nothing than out there looking for a job so i should just shut up.

but i hate wasting my time doing nothing.

last night i had a very weird dream. i dreamt that i was having dinner with my colleagues and suddenly my nose started bleeding. not streaming but just dripping blood. i had to wake up after wiping my nose so i don't really know the rest of it. but didn't sleep well.. the dream was kinda eerie don't you think?

Today 太鼓の達人PSP is released..should I buy it? I’m bored of the games I have already and the games I like are not mine haha.. Some games on my wish list is Burnout: Revenge PS2/PSP, Ridge Racer PSP, GTA PSP, and the game released today. Anyone wants to give me early bday presents?

can't wait for hanabi 花火(fireworks)this week.. will be wearing my yukata浴衣 (a simplified version of the kimono for the summer) with the help of Ryo's mom and going to the hanabi in that! that's what the japanese people do .. so excited!


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