Monday, August 08, 2005

I had a good weekend. (^.^)

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant on Friday and he wasn’t late for the first time. That’s the first good thing I guess. However, we felt that the dinner was a ripoff, it was kind of expensive for being only a 5 course dinner. It was quite delicious, just too little to be worth the price we paid. After that, we wandered around Shinsaibashi心斎橋 for a while and we saw many street performers. Mainly teenagers who were trying to get spotted. Some were really pro; they had very big amps and mike and a whole band with all the instruments all set up while some were one-man shows with tiny speakers erh.. and no one could hear them I suppose. But I applaud them for their courage, to stand there alone to do what they love. But I guess its difficult trying to shine in a country that’s so huge with such a dense population unless you’re really lucky.

Saturday lazed around in the morning basically just waiting for the 花火in the evening. There wa s a brief spate of unhappiness when I found out he had lied to me bout some incident, but I guess its just too difficult to fight when I can’t say things to hurt him (anything that he would have understood anyway.. arghh) His mom helped me wear the yukata in the afternoon b4 the 花火. She was really nice about it although I only half understood her, she was glad to practise her English as well. She did a ponytail for me and gave me advice about wearing the shoes.

The 花火was wonderful. A full hour of continuous fireworks. We tore a piece of big plastic bag into half, laid it on the ground and he sat down on it while I sat in front of him so that I could lean back into his lap comfortably. It was a breezy evening, with occasional thunder and lightning but no rain. The skies were a little cloudy but no threat of rain at all. And so the fireworks began suddenly with a loud “BOOM” with the sky lighting up suddenly with colours and showers of glitter. There were shapes of cats, alphabets, very creative forms of fireworks display. It was pretty romantic too, just sitting back and relaxing in his arms enjoying the display while I snap pictures of the bursting lights occasionally..

After the 花火ended, there was another show.. a lightning display. It was awesome and very scary. Reminded me of War of the Worlds, where we were the crowd stuck on land and could only cover our ears in fear everytime the lightning appeared. The lightning streaked across the whole night sky and you could hear cracking of the charges in the air. It was lucky we got out of there soon after that because it was seriously not safe.

Sunday I cooked lunch for him and after that we went to his place for him to get ready for some seminar he had to attend. Was stuck in Umeda with 2 hours to kill and I made him buy the Harry potter book for me to read (he doesn’t have it yet). After he left, I just wandered around, bought a screen protector for my ipod, printed photos on the photo machines, and photo stickers too.. and sat in a café enjoying dessert and my book for bout 2 hours. Bloody boring. Luckily the café had a bread buffet thing, came with my dessert set.

So after that, I went to Shinsaibashi and I was looking for some bridal magazines to send to Xinhuan before she chose her gown but I guess she doesn’t need it now. She can’t even wait just one more month for me to be back b4 she holds her wedding, I guess my presence / attendance isn’t very important to her at all. Well.. anyway.. I already bought the magazine, their designs here are quite different due to the seasons, but since I guess it won’t be in time for her to choose her gowns already, so I’ll just look through it myself. Yes, I am pretty pissed off about it, but its my own fault for going out of everyone’s life for a whole year and a half right? I can’t possibly expect everyone to put their lives on hold for me right? If she’s getting married so early, she’ll probably hold her housewarming b4 I’m back too. I guess I should just consider myself out of her life for good bah. No part in her wedding at all. Haiz.

I digress. Anyway.. Ryo bought me a watch! Ecstatic cos its like the first real present he bought for me. I didn’t ask for it, we were actually looking in swatch for a watch for work cos my CK’s strap is sorta falling apart and I didn’t want to be wearing it all the time in case it really does. So we were looking in swatch but no design seems really suitable and he said I should get a casual watch and look someplace else for a nice watch. Then I said if I was going to have to get an expensive watch myself, I don’t think I would be buying anything then, to save up for the more exp watch, unless he bought me a cheap/simple watch for the time being. He was like “ ok if you wan me to” hehe.. I was sooo happy! Then we looked around and came back to the first one I had looked at.

which is the one shown above of cos..

and he bought it for me. he held it in his hands all the way back.. then in my room he held it out to me and said “Here, this is for you.” Hehehee.. like I wasn’t the one who chose it… then I said “有難うございます!” (arigato gozaimasu) very solemnly, hehe and then gave him a small peck on the lips and it was really sweet. (^.^)

ah well.. more sweet moments to come hopefully.. that's all for the weekend ..


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