Friday, August 12, 2005

office is pretty quiet today with no men at all. i am now slacking after lunch.. having eaten some unidentifiable chicken and siewmai things, i am beginning to feel the effects of eating UFF (unidentified fuked-up food). please everyone, for your own sakes, don't ever eat any UFF or you might end up like this..

but no i'm not really sick.. just sick of having nothing much to do.. yes, yes.. i'm complaining again.. (#-.-#)

going to the pool tomorrow.. but i can only suntan... because its the time of the month. he had to propose going to the pool just when THAT happens. oh well.. have to remember to buy sunblock/suntan lotion today and big towel i suppose..

have been on a instant noodle binge these few days. been feeling down after work for the past 2 days for no reason (probably the hormones) and offended some people and had no mood to buy food to cook dinner at all. *sighz* i need to buy some air freshener as well.

we talked about smurfs and other cartoon characters during lunch and i realised how much i missed those little blue things. the rest talked about eating them or stepping on them if they were real, i was only thinking of finding out what they were like underneath their white pant-like things they were wearing.. heh.. what a pervert hur hur..


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