Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yesterday I shredded paper in the office the whole afternoon after lunch. The WHOLE AFTERNOON. Had a box full of documents from my dept and I did not realize I was volunteering for that until it was too late. Oh well.. it was a idle afternoon well-spent getting to know the shredder. I managed to fill up the shredder 4 times and had to empty it as many times … :S

I guess I like siwen looking people. the clean cut look at least. Or actually just guys with no moustache, no beards, no stubble. I hate it when guys look like they dun make the effort to clean their face, that they can’t be bothered to shave at all. How long does it take you, 3 hours? I think that’s y during winter the office men look very smart. Because all of them will voluntarily wear coats and suits due to the cold. It was great.

But suddenly in summer, everyone suddenly looks crap and only those who still look impeccable in suits, you will know they are the ones who bother about their looks. (o.0) Of course, there are the great looking people who wears jeans and t-shirts too... still clean-shaven, obviously. the only person who looks great with a stubble / beard is Brad Pitt. (look to the brad pitt on the left top) and of cos without it, he looks even better. *drools*


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