Tuesday, August 16, 2005

overslept this morning, had to walk super fast in a pair of painful heels all the way to the station. yikes.

Ryo's going away to Europe tomorrow... sianz .. Japan phones can't be used overseas basically so he'll be uncontactable. argh. wonder what souvenirs he will bring me. cos we're not going to be seeing each other for bout 2 weeks, he came over to see me last night after work even though he was exhausted.

I felt a real earthquake for the first time today. at first i thought it was just that i was so sleepy that i started feeling faint but the shaking lasted and my colleagues suddenly said "earthquake!" and i looked around and everything was shaking. it was only level 1 on the Japan earthquake scale but everything was already oscillating in slow motion. as in the building? and the racks were visibly shaking. i can't imagine the damage if it was a level 6. (which it was at 宮城) the kobe earthquake about 10 years ago was a level 7. that time the highway collapsed under the strain i think.

the kobe earthquake's damage to a building

i am actually quite worried that a major earthquake is going to happen soon. its usually about 10 years in between each major one and recently there have been quite a few mini-major ones.

apparently the 2 disgusting people went to Hiroshima for the weekend. the creep and his desperate girlfren. i hope she gets taken advantage of and then he dumps her. but then i shouldn't be so evil.. i should hope for them a happy ending.. YAH RIGHT. i hope ur dick falls off and u both get some STD. or maybe an earthquake will happen and u 2 will kena it.

argh i've been crushed by a viewcam!


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