Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my mood level just went down.

read xinhuan's reply to my comment and it totally hurts. i already am resigned to the fact that i'll be missing this important event so you don't have to say such things k? you don't have to say until like "its none of your business which day i choose, can't make it then can't make it lor, too bad for you." kind of tone right? she didn't say those exact words, but that's the feeling i get from her words. i am still very happy and excited that you are going to get married soon (already) (my first friend to get married!!) but i guess that's not important anymore.

like u said, the date's convenient for you & him so what matters most is that you both are happy right? so in the words of Phoebe Buffay as she holds up a cookie crumb(in friends, i think you should know which episode) "I wish you a long and happy marriage". I very sincerely hope your wedding will be marvellous..

haiz.. i dunno la. i feel like crying as i write this, it's just that i feel like i've drifted away from everyone's life and when i come back, i'm just a stranger who's missed the most important part of everyone's lives.

anyway, i asked you the question for the reason why u are getting married because i've been thinking about this thing for a while now. as in the reason for marriage. peiling'S words gave me doubts when i was very sure before. I was sure that because you love each other and you want to spend the rest of your lives together was a good enough reason to get married. but she was right, she said that you can do all these things without marriage too. then why do we need marriage? only to have kids? i don't want kids (not yet!!) but to marry just to have a legitimate (legal) reason to be together (to have sex?) seems like a very lame reason. she said that if not married, if the guy wants to leave he can just go. she also won't lose anything. but then if we love each other, we are not trying to tie down the other person with marriage cos its both voluntary right?

i am so confused. help, i need your views.


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