Tuesday, August 23, 2005

today'S english entry

Typed the japanese entry in the office. Just saying I had a very bad stomachache today and my head was hurting and I was feeling nauseous. Dunno what happened but it hurt so badly my face turned white. (according to my colleague) argh.

Had an early meeting today with the US office so had to wake up at 6.50am. It was going well until the CEO left halfway to say he had to make a phonecall and there were us 10 people waiting for him to come back into the meeting. I think we waited at least 20 min and the head of the secretarial dept (a man hehe) called the CEO to remind him that we were waiting for him to return to the meeting cos he thought he might have forgotten about us. Hehehe… He is after all an old man..

Was just reading a Japanese business magazine, its feature this month was about blogs and its boom in Japan. Blogger, surprisingly was not in its top 10 list. On the contrary, all the blog providers were japanese providers and the top was www.livedoor.co.jp . This portal was bought over by Fuji Television this year and the creator /CEO is now a millionaire at the age of 28 I think. Very cool.

3 more days, 3 more days!!!! Argh.. the waiting is killing me .. I am dying a slow death here … had fried rice for dinner again.. I know now why my fried rice is soggy, its cos I added tofu. But then, it still tastes great. Hehe.. with belachan chilli even more so..

ok.. am going to sleep .. wednesday tomorrow (will be 2 more days left!)

Creepy Crawlies! in Tokyo!


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