Sunday, August 28, 2005

managed to get a pair of tix on yahoo auctions! this morning. hehe.. but then ..been a whole day and the seller didn't reply yet. damn. i hope its not a fake thing. or just that he changed his mind. no matter what, the next time i go to tokyo, i will be joining the fan club no matter wat. DAMN IT.

Ryo'S back! been spending the whole weekend with him.. so happy to see him on friday.. he bought me a Wedgwood necklace (in the picture).. its really sweet.. (^-^)

and we went to the agency today.. to take a look and we saw this perfect place where the price was ok and even the room size was just nice and as i walked around inside i could imagine where everything was going to go le. but it took an awful long time for the procedures of him just placing a deposit but the lady showed us all the places she tot were suitable and it really helped caused they showed us photos of the places and even drove us to see the place itself. (^-^) suddenly, the SMAP concert seemed really wasteful and unimportant in comparison. shouldn'T i save up that amt of money for the use of new place rather? mmm shucks. yes.. starting a life with someone you really suddenly don't have the freedom of doing just anything you want with your money anymore. and its not like roommates where you can just split up all the expenses into half clean and simple. i guess this is when i have to start being an adult else he might not want to continue with me.


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