Wednesday, September 07, 2005

pictures from the typhoon ordeal:

06-09-2005 Sky in the morning Notice how cloudy it was.

07092005 Today'S morning sky.. Super cloudy and windy..

in the end.. today was nothing. the sky was clear.. it was like nothing was going on. the weather was super clear when we reached osaka. and it was super warm even though it was windy. blah.

last night had chicken rice at swisshotel again. hee hee.. heaven. they must have at least half a chicken on each of our plates. it was so delicious. after that he came back with me and we watched another 2 episodes of tru calling. woohoo! finally there's some turning points in the story, the day that repeats itself again and again cos someone kept dying. it was horrible. but of course it was solved. but it was a very sad ending.

anyway.. today was quite a good day.. just very boring .. and i been feeling very restless this week. dunno why..


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