Monday, September 05, 2005

Typhoon No. 14:

Its now the typhoon period and obviously 13 have come and gone but we’ve been lucky such that none have affected us except skimmed past Osaka with a day of showers and hit Tokyo big time such that even the airport halted flights and Disneyland took a holiday. However, the next (No. 14) is going to do some heavy damage.

As you can see, the line is the path of the typhoon and Osaka is right in the course of it. I’m pretty excited since it’s my first typhoon but also, quite afraid of trains halting etc and me getting stuck in a crowded place with no air to breathe if transportation is zilch.


Saturday Ryo had lunch with me and Jaclyn. We went to くら寿司 again (Kura Sushi) cos it was the cheapest /nearest conveyor belt sushi place around. But it was fun… we chatted and I had loads of fun sharing food with Jaclyn and I think Ryo had a lot of fun listening to our lahs and lors. He’s even trying to imitate me and when I said “sorry Lor!” he copied me and emphasized the “LOR!” which was hilarious but a little irritating at the same time. I was a little offended that he made fun of me and my language. Grr..

After lunch, he drove us to sannomiya, Nankin machi (Chinatown area in Kobe) and we got off and spent the day wandering around the place. The Chinatown is really small but anyway, nothing new, but there were mooncakes and I bought thai rice and soy sauce. Hehe.. it was nOT easy lugging the rice around (regretted buying it) and we walked to meriken park after that. It was the Earthquake Memorial park and the sun was really hot that day so I think I got tanner. (yay!) We sat in the park for bout an hour (under the sun) and just zobo-ed and chatted until bout 3 and we headed towards the shopping areas. There was some huge sale and the Japs are crazy. They bought so many things even though most of it looked like crap (which was why there was a sale).

Ended up in Sweets Harbor (a whole basement of stores selling desserts). Had something wonderful each (their desserts are heaven!!) and we headed for the station to go Shinsaibashi. It was a mistake taking the JR train. We had to change trains 3 times and the journey took us almost 2 hours when we actually only need bout an hour. Was so tired I fell asleep on the train (and I Never Ever could sleep on public transport for fear of molestors and perverts and pickpockets haha).

Finally reached there bout 6.30 and I sorta showed Jaclyn around the more lively spots and brought her to her Tsutaya (a book/cd/video rental place cum second-hand shop) where she bought her second cds. Spent more than an hour there but I didn’t feel like spending any money so I just browsed around. We had dinner at Shakey’s where it was a buffet for just 892 yen. Yah! Very cheap! Worth it I suppose, since an ordinary meal is already about that price or more..

Went our separate ways after dinner at the station, it had been quite a fun day (^-^) decided to surprise Ryo and reached his house but I needed to use the loo so badly I had no choice but to call him to let me in . ….. very stupid. he was not amused, cos his parents were in, but after that things were ok.. had a nice time just watching tv together and just lying down staring at the ceiling with his head on my tummy while I read out a Japanese Magazine aloud. He asked me about my day (for a change!) and had a good time just chatting. I think we haven’t done that for a really long time. After that, I helped him with some editing (for his work) and we went to Tsutaya to rent some DVDs to watch. There was a halfprice promotion and it was really cheap.

Continued watching DVDs until 2am after we went back hehe..


So Sunday.. woke up at 12+ and I cooked Mee Siam for lunch. It was great.. I just love the Prima Packages. Watched another DVD of Tru Calling and then he did his work and I just sat there surfing the net for places to visit in Japan and we made holiday plans for the coming long weekend. 2 long weekends actually, 19th is the Day for the Elderly (wat a great holiday) and 23rd was the Autumn Equinox Day (another reason to stay/work in a country with 4 seasons).

After that watched Stepford Wives when he didn’t seem to make any move to get up.. it was quite interesting. I always had the impression that Stepford was a family name, not a place and that every women was a clone. Turns out they were just humans with nano-chips in their brains and Stepford was a place. The concept was interesting but the ending was a little weak.

Finally finished all the DVDs and we went to rent some more. MORE TRU CALLING! Heh.. up to DVD 5 now, I think there’s 13 altogether, hopefully can finish watching the whole series during this half price week. Weiyi actually offered to lend me the series (burnt) but I guess it’s more fun watching it on the TV with Ryo.

Had dinner at Volks, I had mee siam again at 4+ cos there was excess soup and wasn’t hungry enough to eat a steak so we order one steak and ate the salad/bread/soup bar buffet instead. Very filling and delicious it was too. We were seated beside the bars and we could see all the weird people taking their food. There was a very cute little girl who was so meticulous she took very very carefully almost all the things in the salad bar and then pour the salad dressing very very carefully in a spiral manner on her veges and then very very carefully added sesame seeds and crotons. I want her for myself!! She was just so adorable! But after that there was this man who piled up 2 bowls with everything in the salad bar and we were quite disgusted haha. The croissant was delicious though.. and I ate about 5.

Went back and watched another 2 DVDs again.

It was a good weekend.

Tru Calling:

This show is great!! Its bout a girl who works in a morgue and when dead bodies are brought in (usually murdered), will ask for her help to either right the wrong, save their lives or complete their wishes. The day would then begin again for the girl (Tru her name is) and she would be trying to find out what happened to the dead person while they are still alive and try to prevent their murder. The scene when they suddenly wake up and ask for help never fails to freak me out. EVERYTIME!! I’ll always scream and Ryo will always get the brunt of it. Before the part I know its coming but I just cant help but jump the dead person just suddenly turns his head around and says “Help me!” argh. But I’m hooked.

Holiday Plans:

連休: will be going to Yokohama to see the BIG Chinatown and maybe other nearby areas. We had wanted to go to see Mount Fuji etc but it was too far and he Had to fly back from Haneda airport due to him flying with corporate fee. We chose Yokohama cos he would be in Tokyo that weekend for the Tokyo Game Show but else we probably could have gone further.

Things are much improved this weekend, there wasn’t so much work on his mind and even though plans fell through for living together, I guess he’s trying hard and I should be too.


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