Wednesday, August 31, 2005

finally they asked me what my feelings etc were. i love it that matsushima-san is so organised and practical and considerate. a pity i was under a very disorganised guy who only wants to do his own job most of the time. anyway.. i said i hoped to stay in japan a little more cos i wanted to speak better japanese and about 1 or 2 years more would be good. i guess it was a good idea since i had so much to learn. i dunno bout the other trainees but basically, their studies were well taken care of. me, i had to justify wat i wanted to learn. .... very duh.

anyway. met jac (sister'S fren hehe) to eat dinner and then she came over to collect her sMAp souvenirs.. then we made plans to go Kobe on Saturday cos my bf had no time for me anyway. so yay.. at least some one i can let my guard down with.... haiz.. very tired of putting up appearances..


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