Thursday, September 08, 2005

good morning Singapore!

It’s going to be the political elections this Sunday and it might or might not have a big impact on Japan’s history. Koizumi’s party had been ruling ever since WWII but it might change this year. However, from the Japanese people I spoke to, I think most of them will vote for Koizumi’s party again. He knows how to appeal to the urban voters with the privatization policies (keeping down government spending) while the guys (in his own party! How dramatic!) who were opposing his postal reforms were all trying to aim for rural votes by providing with jobs like building roads that lead to nowhere, dams etc.. basically providing employment and fiscal policies. It can only last so long I suppose.. how many more roads/dams can you build? And its not like the urban voters don’t see the waste of money in trying to provide jobs by these government projects. So I don’t know, it’s going to be an interesting fight. So if Koizumi wins, all the rebels from his party would be kicked out (cos they are running against him now) and he would have full support but if he loses.. mm.. I guess we’ll just have many more roads to nowhere in Japan haha..


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