Friday, September 09, 2005

I had very weird dreams last night.

First it was a stalker (a guy from my uni who used to irritate the hell out of me who his sleazy talk) and he was trying to tell me he loved me but I was like full of disgust for him and of course he tried to talk sleazily again. After that, that guy morphed into the condemned guy in our Singaporean group here in Japan and I got so tired trying to escape from these disgusting people.

Woke up in the morning finally to end the nightmare when the alarm rang at 6am and had to push Ryo to wake up (he stayed over last night after reached back really late after a buffet dinner at swissotel and a medal game session at an arcade.. will speak more about that in abit). So I think I fell asleep after he got up and washed up and was half awake when he gave me the usual kiss before he left and I remember I felt his lips, cold from the tap water when he brushed his teeth. But I remembered he kissed me and I thought he sat down and I actually spoke to him about my nightmare when it occurred to me he was going to be late if he doesn’t leave soon. I didn’t realize it was a dream until I suddenly jerked awake when I sat up to push him to go and realized there wasn’t anyone there. It was a really disorienting feeling and I sat there a few minutes wondering what was dream and what wasn’t. Very draining.

Yah so last night, went to swissotel after 8 for their buffet. It was not bad since there was curry and dimsum but I dunno how come I got so full so quickly. End of it after I walked out, I actually felt like puking, being sooo full. Seriously. Felt exactly like when I have had too much to drink except that my head wasn’t spinning. Bad feeling. I stayed awhile in the really clean and nice smelling loo of swissotel until I felt better without puking and walked with Ryo slowly to the arcade. We had been there before, and he had a store of medals there and they had given him a complimentary 120 medals as a new signup. So we took the medals, sat down at a different huge machine to play. It was tough at first but we soon got the hang of it and overall total of the night, we earned bout 150 medals in profit. Haha.. it was quite an addictive game especially since the medals looked like money. However, I prefer our Capcom medal machines as the animation was much cuter. Apparently, there were challenges and jackpots on screen to get more medals out of and it was fun only if you understood that. Happy with our profits, we left at bout 11.30pm and barely caught the last train back. Yay for a good evening spent with him!


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