Wednesday, September 14, 2005

got a white Nintendo DS.. yay! Ryo has a black one so now we can PictoChat.. i bought bomberman but i think i'll be playing mostly GBA games first cos my colleague can lend me GBA games heh..

today was a hectic day because there were so much materials to prepare but then there were mistakes all over in the materials and i kept having to reprint and insert into like 15 people'S copies. it was hell. not like it was brain work but it was just stupid admin work. seriously.. i keep wondering why i went to the uni when all i do is such work. ..

looking forward to the weekend: there are like 3 meetings tomorrow; time should pass really quickly.

i don't know why, but my colleague is behaving like a complete different person nowadays after she came back from her business trip from US. we used to chat at work/gossip etc but nowadays she always seems to be quiet and ignores or acts superior to me. i wonder if i did something wrong but i really dun think so..

argh thursday thursday thursday!!!!!!! at least next week its only a 3 day work week. damn it!!


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