Sunday, September 25, 2005

this weekend has been quite fun.. we did nothing all friday.. and only rented New police story (Jackie Chan) to watch. gory.. argh, although it was exciting. i don't have the stomach for action movies anymore.

sat we went to the 温泉・プール (onsen/pool) the pool was erm.. dubious.. there was hardly anyone around but the 温泉facilities were not bad.. massage showers and rejuvenating pools. pretty much relaxed after that. (^-^)went to the KTV after that.. the song selection and the input system were cool.. but the videos were not. even for the majority of the jap videos, they were not the real videos. which pretty much sucked since going to KTV is very much for the experience of looking at MTVs too.. after that we had Korean food for dinner.. 美味しい!!! it was great.. almost the first time i finished all the food on my plate haha.. even the bean sprouts.. came back at bout 9.30pm , watched Kindaichi (金田一)on TV (very exciting murder story as always), and then Tru Calling on DVD b4 i zzz-ed. lazy 2nd day. heh..

today.. went to see the 鳴門 (Naruto) whirlpools at 淡路島 (Awajishima). apparently this time of the month was not very good.. so we could only see small whirlpools. but the boat ride was fun.. sunny and very very windy. enjoyed the ride immensely. but a pity bout the whirlpools. went to see flowers after that.. very wasted such that since it was the transition of seasons, the flowers were neither here nor there.. but at least there was the wonderful flowerhill that was super duper beautiful even without that many flowers..

work again tomorrow..... adios..


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