Monday, September 19, 2005

back from the yokohama trip. it was great..

i got to see almost everything i wanted to .. the beach.. the sea.. the pacific ocean.. rocks.. (by accident actually) caves.. graves.. Chinatown.. ate chinese food all 3 days.. rode on a boat.. saw the 2nd biggest buddha in Japan.. went to the place (鎌倉)Kamakura where they filmed the drama 義経with 瀧澤 (Takizawa something) .. by accident again haha.. was thinking why were there so damn many people and why everyone (even the trains) was so into the show that they had pictures of that all around until I finally realised that was where they filmed the show hehe..

but the ocean was the best part. it felt great to be standing there looking at the vast space beyond with no land on the other side and to see powerful waves hitting the rocks again and again and with nothing on the mind at all.. the sea breeze against your face (ok not breeze but very strong wind) and the sun on your shoulders and looking at fishermen and families.. it was just wonderful.. the island was 江ノ島 (Enoshima) right at the end of Kamakura ...

leaving you with pictures of the sea and me..


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