Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday blues

back to work today. yuch. couldn't wake up today.. even though i slept at 11pm last night. man.. i'm turning into such a pig.

anyway.. work was ok today. it just feels different somehow, skipping monday.. but stupid kobayashi from pR team was giving me attitude. usually when we ask our colleagues to do some work we'll always like say "onegaishimasu!" お願いします! meaning like "i'm depending on you!" .. but she just dumped the papers on my desk and stomped off. i was shocked. at her rudeness. if she does it again tomorrow i'm going to scold her or something. just cos she's older she can be so rude? old and single.. 33 still single. blah. if thats the way she is, its no wonder she has no suitors. pretty annoyed at her flirting with ryo (or trying to) in the office.. i hate it when girls laugh really loudly cos they sound quite crude (?).. loudly as in the hahaha kind of way, not even in the infectious way some girls laugh loudly but are still cute.. her kind of laugh is the kind you cringe at and think "shut up!" in your head. argh.

and.. this birthday is going to be the worst. ryo has a business trip on my bday and wont be back until 29th night. and i had to find out from his work schedule. not even straight from him. disgusted at him. and it turns out that Rob is quitting and his last day is my bday. so on 28th sep 2005, i'll prolly go straight home after work and just sit in my room crying and feeling sorry for myself. sianz.

had dinner with ROb today.. think the last time i ate with him was at least 1 month / more ago. it was fun.. we were drinking a little and i guess i felt lightheaded enough to suan him. was really embarrassed i forgot yesterday was his bday though. argh.

anyway.. more photos? from the Kamakura trip..

The gigantic Statue of the Buddha

and his gigantic slippers


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