Sunday, October 02, 2005

alone again. he seems to be doing the disappearing act alot recently. i been reading my xanga-sub report & one of the girls i subscribe to is really super suay. guy she loved turned out to be married and borrowed tons of money from her b4 doing the disappearing act. at least 4k he borrowed, so no laughing matter lor. and nowadays her entries are very sad, bout how the money battle is going on with her trying to get back the money and he just avoiding her and procrastinating bout banking in the money and giving her all sorts of weird / vague / ambiguous answer. i feel really sorry for her and her entries nowadays are all very sad, she been crying alot etc.

i am actually very sick of him not being to give me peace of mind as well. and being totally inconsiderate about my feelings. and his stupid mood changes and how i am the one to pacify him yet when i am unhappy all he does is ignore me. i gave him an ultimum. the next time he hurts me and pushed me over the limit of toleration, i am going to hurt myself so badly physically that he'll be very sorry.

i finally got my BUrnout Revenge [PS2] and Burnout Legends [psp] games!! woohoo! great but the Psp version doesnt have that good graphics.hungry. we were supposed to go for korean dinner last night but i got so mad at him i lost my apetite. its true, when u're angry u just become not hungry anymore. "qi bao le". full of angry air. haiz.


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