Saturday, October 01, 2005

i received my Sumitomo bank Credit Card! yay! they initially rejected me becos i had no credit history in Japan, but after i called and sent in my health insurance form to prove my status of having a job here, they sent me a card today.. woohoo! no need to use Ryo's card anymore hehe..

anyway.. went to dinner with Jaclyn on thursday.. brought her to this stick (like satay but all sorts of food like HotDog, prawn etc on the stick) deep fry buffet. you'll get all these food on the stick and then u'll deep fry them in a pot of oil on ur table.. then we had like 70 min to eat but we didnt realise we had spent so much time chatting that we only had 10 min for desserts! yikes hehe.. then we rushed through the last 10 min and pia the desserts. very very delicious! spent the evening talking about my sis. we're quite alike in many ways.. and i dun feel the age diff.. like with my sis i suppose. hee.. but it was fun, and then after that we walked around a little and then went to Macs for a drink. she gave me a ELMer Elephant acacia growing kit to grow a tree! but i haven't started because i wanted to wait for spring haha. to start growing anything now, i'm afraid the weather will be very harsh to it.

yesterday went for dinner at a お好み焼き place with Ryo. its actually yakisoba, etc, anything u want to fry u fry it. (^-^) i don't really like it cos of the onions. but overall it was very tasty too. i like yakisoba better than all the other stuff we cook there.

woke up at 12noon today cos we only slept at 3 plus last night. tiring but fun. then we soaked our feet together using one of the bath salts foot care thing i received for my present. now my feet are so smooth!


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