Wednesday, September 28, 2005

23 years old

23 years old...

sounds super duper young still.

Ryo gave me a Prada bag he bought in Italy for my bday. a style thats only available there. my first Prada! and he brought me for french food for dinner. and the waiter surprised me with a mini bday cake and playing the bday song on the accordian. i was really embarrassed but secretly smiling in my heart. hee hee. just like in the tv shows. hee hee.

dunno why i was crying throughout dinner last night. perhaps the fact that this might be the last time i can celebrate my bday with him? i hope not.

very eng at work today. would have loved to get the day off but didn't since there was no one to spend the day with anyway.

hs gave me a 太鼓の達人PS2 drum set.wahaha.. now i can practise the game at home. u noe, the drumming game at the arcade with the big jap drums and u hit the beats to pop songs or something? yupz. that..

i don't feel any different. just more lonely. ate lunch by myself in the canteen today. no one i knew was around unfortunately. only 2 people remembered my bday. but i did receive a greeting card from my family .. thanks people.. and oso a present from my colleague, a flamingo pen. heh.. very cute thing. will show a pict soon.


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