Monday, October 10, 2005

Sports Day

this weekend we had a long holiday again. i just love japan for this! the holiday is a Sports Day, ya it actually is a public holiday.. hehe

so sat we finally managed to catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. yay! it was good but the oompa Loompa was creepy with all the same face and different voices and very ugly. and that johnny depp was like weird. which wasnt how i had imagine willy wonka to be. he reminded me of edward scissorhands and he talked in the same way i think. argh. but overall the i liked the show, the rooms and how the children were removed one by one. hee.

but friday i was like having a major headache and stomachache and i was feeling so pissed off at ryo so i had actually cancelled the weekend plans. i don't know what i was thinking but i think i needed some time off from work and from everything.i don't know, but i guess i am just sick of the meaningless and inefficient work that they do or they give me to do. just cos i don't seem to have much work they push like a report from march to me to translate "for records purposes". i mean. HOW LAME! if u cant think of work let me study i hate to waste time doing things that i don't learn anything from.

anyway.. apologised to him so sat we went for the movie and just mucked around in the day wasting time watching tv, doing nothing.. and then on sunday we went to see the 御堂筋Parade (Midosuji). its the one major parade in Osaka every year and bands from all over the world actually came. Singapore had a team too.. from City harvest Church. very dull performance from them, i was very disappointed. it was only a smal team of teenagers trying to be like STOMP banging on metallic instruments for like 30 seconds? so when they reached our stretch, all they did was drink water and walked past waving. ... but there were the guards from Buckingham Palace and their band was good with their tall furry hats too. heh.

then after that we just shopped, had ice cream at haagen dazs.. and ate a vegetarian korean dinner. and of course the Zara store in Osaka has opened and i bought a work skirt and a spag top. winter clothing time woohoo!! so happy i dun have to go Kyoto anymore just to buy my work clothes. yay!


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