Thursday, October 06, 2005

wow i did not realise i last blogged on Monday. oops....

the past few days.. monday i went home and i think i watched joey, and the APprentice 4 while eating dinner i cooked. very very tasty seafood soup k! anyway.. i'm so glad the next season of sitcoms has started again.. it was really lonely without anything to watch while eating meals by myself.

tuesday we had a company birthday party for all the people with birthdays in Oct and September. the food was great and we had wine and stuff but we also had to sit with the CEO and listen to him talk some boring stuff for bout 30min. argh. but i dunno why, ended up feeling quite happy after that. maybe its cos i haven't had a large scale celebration for so long. if i was in singapore, i would have probably ate zicha with the guys at jurong west. argh.... good memories coming back.. i miss u guys!!

wednesday we originally had plans to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but again, the tickets were sold out. AGAIN! argh.. so we just went mos burger for dinner and it was quite fun.. although i wished i had slept earlier last nite. today is hell at work when i keep wanting to nod off. i hate that kind of feeling. esp when u don't have much work that day to do.. (=^-^=)


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