Monday, October 03, 2005

yesterday and today

i'm so sorry for the sad entry yesterday.. i didn't realise it would make you cry.. i miss you alot too... (T.T)

have been having dreams of my dad and my sister lately. i don't know why but i just dream of my dad picking us up from wherever we are in his car. i guess thats the one thing i'll always be grateful for, a dad who is almost always willing to drop us off whereever we want and pick us up if we're back late. even if he was very sleepy or tired already. haiz.. and we take him for granted too often, i guess. u only start appreciate these things when u have to go everywhere urself and u start to think of the things u miss and the things you had but took for granted. boohoo!!!!! ok i must stop thinking of sad things.

nowadays been zoboing alot in the office. surfing net, reading blogs, reading news.

have been playing my Burnout PSP game for these 2 days, its great!!! graphics not too good, and lacks some of the sound settings in the pS2 version but overall still get the same thrill from CRASHING!! a little embarrassed that i swerve my whole body with the game when I'm playing it in public though... (#^-^#)

yesterday went sannomiya 三宮 and we ate the bestest xiao long baos. at the chinatown area. then we spent the whole afternoon in starbucks playing games (him DS, me PSP) heh.. we were supposed to watch a movie but it was full house already. CHarlie and the chocolate factory. i was quite surprised though. it had been almost 3 weeks and still full house??? mm aniway.. after that we just walked around the shopping area before heading to dinner at a korean place someone in the alleys hee hee. all the bad air was gone i hope.. last nite was almost one of the rare times ihad to go back by train myself. it was weird. we were like teenagers again, kissing at the station (to say goodbye) and him/me not bearing to leave. awwwww....

but i guess its for the better i take things less seriously. for my own good at least. so that i won't be heartbroken in the end.


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