Sunday, October 16, 2005

maybe? Must be!

woohoo! just finished Pride and its like now my favourite jap drama ever!! considering i don't usually watch tv much even, and this is like the first time i followed the show by renting the dvds, and the show fully in jap with no subtitles, it'S an achievement! it was so romantic at the end when he proposed to her beneath controlled fireworks haha.. but wow! in an ice skating rink with a lighted up ferris wheel with fireworks!! this will never ever happen to me though.. i can't ice skate. i guess i just like ice hockey shows in general, like mighty Ducks; the violence on the ice and the speed just brings your adrenaline way up. so he joined the NHL in canada and he came back and asked her if she would be willing to go to canada with him, she was like "maybe?" in a teasing way (cos he ALWAYS says that to her its like a secret phrase btw them and then they will smile at each other.. hee hee.. so sweet!!) and he said "no.. Must Be!.." and he kissed her. *sniffs* seriously super duper romantic... boohoo.....

i finished tru calling too.. and sighz.. the whole show i was just shouting "bitch!" at the mole Carrie and "ASsholE!" at Jack the guy who was letting the people die. i dunno wat to think during the show anymore, it just irks me at how he keeps doing all these underhanded things to try to let people die, including people he actually knows.

now i'm the one who's trying to be civil and him being kinda rude. i think i'll just not even try to say hi anymore.

i m happy now and things have gotten better. just the nagging thought of wat this time next year will be like without him. after half a year has passed, i guess you just get settled down into the comfortable (don't really mind the other person) kind of feeling. and i came to the conclusion that all girls are looking for a Bear as a boyfren. admit it, how many of you called ur bf a bear one time or another? someone huggable, u can lean on, stable, makes u feel safe, like a huge teddy bear. if only these men resembled bears more and jerks less.


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