Wednesday, October 19, 2005

waiting for my colleague to finish work now.. going to look for a bday present for Ryo hehe.. yesterday we had a delicious dinner at a taiwanese food place and i ate Chong Qing steamboat for the first time in my life! it was grEAT! so delicious and spicy and the non-spicy side had wonderful broth, the kind you just wanna keep drinking. we finished all the soup on that side by the way heh.. but was feeling sick so we sorta just headed home after that..

had a weird dream of all the sixoneders eating all the stuff I love at a party last night. i was at the party too but i can't remember if i ate. i only remember bayde eating curry fish head in front of me .. BOOHOO!! and then i unwillingly woke up to go to work. bah! today was headachy and sleepy at work i dunno why. the dreams are making me so tired.....


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