Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hee hee.. me and my sup (colleague) are surfing the net for skincare/cosmetic products now .. naughty naughty!

i've finished my work actually, just doing nothing now.. and she was asking me about buying cosmetics for winter and i was like HUH? just for winter buy cosmeticS?! then she explained its cos the weather will be very dry etc. not just that every season buy new cosmetics.. hehe.. i was like phew! hehe.. tot she had gone bonkers or that she had too much money to spend. so was surfing around and looking at prescriptives website and stila and clinique websites. stila has no jap website, neither does prescriptives.. but i love prescriptives stuff.. so far never gave me any problems b4.. but seriously she was right.. have to protect my skin .. maybe this weekend will go take a look.

next weekend / PH , going to 温泉 (onsen) .. yay ! haven't decided which yet.. but it would be a good weekend cos our pay is finally going to be here next week too! and cos of the singapore dollar strengthening or something, our pay is like \26,000 more than last quarter.. thats about S$500 more! woohoo! woohoO! so that money is going to pay for my trip bah wahaha..

received parcel from my family le.. thank you thank you! can eat my maggi mee again.. yay.. mm fyi i haven't eaten maggi mee for very long le.. only at most a packet a week k.. unless i feeling super lazy. i am so hungry now thinking of food i better go back.. ciaoz!


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