Thursday, October 20, 2005


19:09 Itami Airport 伊丹空港

I'm waiting for a flight that will only arrive at 20:30. why do i do such things? i have no idea. i'm having a fever and a headache yet here i am, doing silly things for him again.

i had no work in the office today. so i spent the time studying bookkeeping 簿記 in Japanese. yah. great skill to have if i should decide to work in Japan but not as a translator next time.

our team leader is coming from tokyo tomorrow! happy! i didn't have a very good impression of him at first cos he was kinda cocky and pompous and pretty much an ass. its only at dinners or outings that u see the better side of these people cos they won't keep behaving like your superiors after u've chatted and made the effort to get to know them better at such gatherings. it certainly makes the office environment a much better place to work in, with the friendlier air, and its also easier to discuss things since the barriers and guardedness have been broken down. i mean, last friday he even said my outfit was cute and even asked if i was going on a date! a tad strange for a superior to ask a junior that but it just goes to show how the situation now was a far cry from the beginning. when he was merely just someone giving me work and we didn't very much care if we hurt each other's feelings at all.


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