Friday, October 28, 2005

Baby fever!

i went to see a colleague's baby last night. she was soooooo cute! (talking bout both inoue-san and the baby here hehe)

Inoue-san carrying the tiny baby

the baby waving her tiny arms

ahhhh.. and then she told us all about the birthing process and what happens after that. it sounded so horrible!! for her it was ok, it didn't hurt that bad but the processes leading up to it seemed like it was really gross.. and i was like thinking she's 34 already, when her kid is like me, she is already 54! thats like OLD!! i better have a kid latest by 27.. i mean my mom is like only 46 and she already got one kid off her hands already (me!) .. isn't that good? mm yah.. so i better plan my life properly soon. but a baby is like a humongous responsibility! she was saying she didn't really like kids and it was not that joyful when she discovered she was pregnant but she couldn't possibly go for abortion or something since she was married and the husband did want a child and she wasn't that young anymore .. ah well.. but all's well.. she has a really cute baby! yay!!


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