Monday, November 07, 2005

7 months together

3-November (thurs)

11:00 we met at umeda station
11:15 walked to Westin Osaka. did not know there was a shuttle bus there from JR Osaka.
11:30 I had made lunch reservations at Imperial Palace, a dimsum restaurant in the hotel. we had dimsum BUffet!! super duper delicious.. and i gave him a wonderful surprise.. wrapped the mont blanc pen box in a cheapo yOdobashi plastic bag and when i passed it to him, he had totally no idea it would be a MontBlanc pen inside engraved with his name. he was so surprised and i hoped he felt touched. hehe.. of course lunch was on me too. yay!
13:20 boarded the shuttle bus to go to JR Osaka
13:50 boarded our Express bus to go to Shirahama. we were assigned seats seperated by an aisle, unfortunately. the piggy felt asleep soon (tsk tsk and we just had a heavy lunch) and i played DS the whole trip. i can't sleep on bus trips at all. seriously.
17:00 Reached Shirahama..yay! but we got lost trying to find the Ryokan (旅館)
17:15 wandered around for 13 min and finally went into Lawson's (a convinience store) to ask for directions. turned out we had headed into the rong direction after we alighted. so we trudged on the total opposite way this time.
17:25 Finally reached 白浜館 (thats the name of our ryokan). the service was so great that cause we made reservations and they were expecting us, someone was at the door waiting for us to arrive and check in. so when they saw us reach the door, they asked if we were so-and-so and yah we were and Welcome! hehe.. felt like VIPs.
17:30 Checked in. an obachan (aunty) showed us to our room while explaining to us where the various facilities were. she even offered to carry our bags! being a healthy youngster, and my bag was pretty heavy and she looked so frail i felt totally bad and of cos i stopped her and said it was ok, i would carry it myself.
17:35 our room was one of the special rooms with a private (small) outdoor onsen attached and it was called 温暖室. there were other rooms named Asahi etc also.
17:40 after the old lady had confirmed our dinner time we wanted, she left us and we of cos enjoyed our first bath in the tub. the water was supposed to contain some sulphuric nitrium salts and was supposed to reduce fatigue, cure mental illnesses etc. hahaha. suitable for me i supposed. and the water was like 65 degrees celsius!! i couldn't get in properly at first cos it was too hot for me and when i stood up like after 20 min, i almost fainted haha. blood circulation problems i suppose.
18:30 got out of the 2nd bath and toweled off and we put on the yukata provided. the yukata even had a jacket so that you could just wear that if you wanna go walking outside the ryokan. hehe. basically we just sat there watching tv without underwear in the yukata (hehehehe) and waited for the old lady with our dinner.
19:00 Dinner Time! i shall let the picture speak for itself
IMG_5204 IMG_5205 IMG_5208for the pot tofu with little caviar stuff on top
of cos it was delicious, especially the nabe (鍋料理)stuff
20:00 finished dinner and headed for the bath again. the lady came in to clean up the food and set up the futons so we shut the paper doors to block her view to the bath. hehehe.
21:00 had a very relaxing bath and showered off afterwards with the 温泉 water as well (becos its so nutritious!!) ..
21:30 went to Family Mart (another convenience store) to buy some drinks and snacks. we walked out in our Yukatas and jacket and wooden slippers!
obviously the jacket is too big for me
22:00 came back zobo, watched TV until bout 12 and i fell asleep while he did his work on his lap top until 1+ am

will continue the rest of the trip tomorrow. hehe..

today .. didnt do much at work except changed my PC to a lap top that was a little faster i think. but the laptop only has 1 USB port (*gasps of shock all round*) yes only 1. but at least i had admin rights still and i prolly will buy a PS2 to USB port converter to attach my old keyboard (from the old PC, the keyboard is actually only a few months old hehe) and then get a USB hub too i suppose. 1 USB PORT!? weird. its like the company is still living in stone age.


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