Wednesday, November 02, 2005


finally a public holiday tomorrow. yay!

work has been great these days. mainly training. but i getting irritated with the new girl already. becos she is a damn kancheong spider. and negative and low confidence. everything she has to ask like 20 questions, even for the minor things. haiz. i was like falling asleep during the system run-through because she kept asking and asking. zzz. i mean, its just checking of data and collating data in excel. how difficult is it!? i mean, i understood the sups perfectly even though they were speaking in jap but she doesn't? haiz. maybe i am just too impatient with other people. and i can't say anything cos she is the real employee to take over the work after all and she is getting paid. oh well. but i can't help but want to just do better than her in anything we have to show for work soon.


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