Monday, October 31, 2005

929th post

erh.. wah didn't really keep count of my posts and realised that when i noticed the count it seemed so far away to 1000 posts.

yesterday whipped up pasta with octopus and mushrooms. pretty good. then studied . played online games until evening when he was supposed to have dinner and suddenly his brother calls at 5pm and asks him to go home becos it was his mom's bday. !! i mean, its ok if you tell me ahead but how am i supposed to be "oh Yay!" about it suddenly having to eat dinner myself? of cos i can't be mad either since it's his mom bday, not like he was meeting his friends or wat. .. but am i just supposed to keep quiet about everything? i was very disappointed but haiz. i guess i've resigned myself to such sudden changes from him.

anyway..picture of my new bedsheets
new bedsheets!
makes my bed look so new! and it was so comfortable last night..... (^-^)


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