Monday, November 14, 2005


The weekend was pretty relaxed. Didn't study much and feeling a little guilty but at least I feel like I played enough.


I came home to eat dinner I cooked and to clean up. My Friday routines are pretty much fixed.. do laundry, cook dinner, check laundry, put in dryer, eat dinner, wash up, vacuum/tidy up room, throw garbage, shower then zobo until Ryo comes. He usually comes at 12+ am so by that time I can barely keep my eyes open. But I couldn’t stop sneezing and I think I probably caught a cold (it was pouring on Friday) and by the time he came I had a fever and my nose was all stuck. and i was dozing off. he felt my forehead and forced me to put on socks cos my feet were freezing and tucked me into bed. i guess when he can really see me sick (such as flu/fever), he can be really sweet.

So the next morning, he headed to the office (after i woke him up).. yah the sick person. ... his alarm wouldn't stop ringing and i woke up on the first ring. argh. but anyway.. he was supposed to leave b4 the caretaker guy comes so it was like 6.30am and finally got him to get up and shower while i continued dozing. b4 he left, gave me a goodbye kiss and told me to sleep till noon. hehe.. but i couldn't do that. i usually can't fall back asleep UNLESS i'm supposed to go to work which sux so when he stays over on sunday nights i usually can't get up on time and monday mornings are hell when i wake up late and has to rush for the train and be all sleepy at work too. haiz. so i just mucked around in my room b4 deciding to go trim my hair at bout 2pm. oh .. to add on.. i was actually feeling much better only a little headache left. so anyway.. this time.. i dyed my hair black again.. hehe.. i want long silky black hair!! mm but anyway.. dyed the hair, did treatment, and i still had 30% off from intro-ing Robert there.. so it was quite cheap.. and i bought 2 books over the weekend.. The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing.. both by Laura Weisberger. Chick lit. as usual but damn funny and always happy ending. I like!! we met for dinner after i wandered around in Umeda after the haircut.. alot of time to kill and we had okonomiyaki.. tried my best to avoid the oily smell in my clothes this time.. succeeded.. heh then went to play the Monopoly Medal machine in one of the arcades.. been wanting to try there ever since i saw it in Shinsaibashi but it was always occupied but here there was no one at all! played bout an hour plus and we headed home to zobo and oh.. we bought a electric pot stove .. like those in jap movies where in winter they have the mala pot in the middle of their living room table eating something like steamboat. yah that kind.. hehe.. cos of our common plan to eat more vege.

cooked french toast for him for breakfast.. made him coffee and then woke him up. spent the day playing PS2, going to the supermarket to buy Veges for the Kimchi pot for dinner.. and after that i plucked the head and tails from the bean sprouts and skinned the radish for dinner. argh. i will become a very good wife i tell u. well dinner tasted great.. and right after dinner he fell asleep... haiz.. oh but this time he helped to do the dishes first..


so since he fell asleep last night, this morning was one of those days when i woke up first again to wake him up . and i woke up late after he left so had to rush. argh. today work was better. had nothing to do at first but realised i had finally access to most of the databases i needed to finally properly learn stuff. and i realised the damn superior did not send me the file b4 and i didn't feel like asking so i just basically recreated the whole excel thing myself. yah the file for the costs and budgets for all the games currently in dev in the company. figured would just do it up and use it as a template next time. haiz. so spent the whole day getting numbers from all the different programs and realised i pretty much understand where i'm supposed to retrieve stuff from and that these people spend an awful lot of money. argh. okie.. thats all for the day.. bought small little presents for the rest of the singaporean girls.. hope they like it.


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